Uncovering the web of lies and deceit woven by BT.

The Complaint - The Home Move (Before, During and After)

We contacted BT via phone on 15 July 2014, choosing this method of contact because we needed to obtain a 'Simultaneous Provide' code, which we could use to tie up the move of our BT home phone line and third party (Zen) ADSL service. The code was provided, and we were advised that the home phone service would be moved to our new address on 25th July, as per our request. The 'Simultaneous Provide' code was valid, and Zen were able to use it to order the move of the broadband facility successfully.

Everything is just rosy at this point. We just thought our exact home service was being ported to the new address. We were not informed of any contract changes - nor did we expect to be - or realise that we should have been.

On the day of the move, the last thing we really thought about was the phone service - though during the evening I received the following text message:

Your phone service is ready.

This was the first time we'd heard from BT since the house move call on 15th July.

A few days then passed before we did anything else. But we did get in touch with Zen, as we wanted to move the home phone service to them, at that time for no other reason than the fact that we preferred their truly unlimited calls package, with no maximum free call time, and no connection charge. We had no communications telling us that we would be roped into another 12-month contract with BT. If we had, then we might have felt differently about all of this. So on 13th August, we instructed Zen to take over line provisioning for our service.

On 14 August we received the following text:

Your phone service is ready.

As we were under no minimum contract obligation then there was absolutely no reason for us to call and confirm termination charges. We had no other questions - Zen told us that this would all be seamless. Technically it was - the attempted stitch up comes later.

On 28 August, the telephone service was switched across to Zen. There were no technical hitches, everything went smoothly. We were perfectly happy. Until we received the final bill!


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