How to complain to BT and win!

The Complaint - The Home Move (Before, During and After)

A DSAR is a Data Subject Access Request. It relates to your rights to see what personal data a company holds about you. The 'Data' prefix is not really relevant, and the term SAR, or Subject Access Request is pretty much interchangeable.

Click here to read (in a new window) what the Information Commissioners Office has to say about Subject Access Requests, then read on, to understand how this may help your complaint with BT.

You may be wondering just how this is going to assist with your complaint to BT; the truth is that it really depends on the complaint - but in my instance, where it came into its own, was proving that BT were:

  • sending emails to the wrong email address
  • not sending other letters, SMSs and emails that they claimed to be.

Below is the first part of the DSAR response package that I received. It will open in a seperate page if you click it. I will explain, below, what some of this means.

  1. The first significant point of the DSAR is the interaction at 15/07/2014 - 10:36, where my wife made the call to BT to request that the home phone move be initiated on 25th July.
  2. The next interaction took place at 15/07/2014 - 10:46, where an internal BT text message was set-up. To the best of my knowledge, L2C is an acronym for 'lead to cash', and although I do not know exactly what it means, it is likely that the person triggering it may have some kind of commission for selling a new contract.
  3. The next interaction was the SMS from the day of the move, as shown in the COMPLAINT section.

Those three points are enough to pull BT up on their claim that we are in a new contract.

The new Consumer Contracts 2013 law, which came into force in June 2014, means that any company setting up a contract 'off premises' has to subsequently, and in good time, supply a copy of the contract via durable medium to the customer.

In any instance, the contract must be supplied to the customer prior to the service being commenced. Now there are some exceptions to this - like this instant supply of a digital service - but with BT having 10 days' notice of the house move, they had no excuse for not supplying the contract.

A durable medium is:

  • a physical letter
  • an email (so long as the details of the contract are permanently contained in the email, and not simply linking to another webpage that could be changed after the SMS was sent).


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