Uncovering the web of lies and deceit woven by BT.

The Complaint - The Final Bill

On 9 September, a BT letter dropped onto the doormat. We thought hopefully the bill would be negligible, and that actually they probably owed us a small amount.

Imagine our surprise when instead we are confronted with a bill for £86.89? At the time, we were annoyed, but we did not think that a household name like BT would intentionally try to screw unreasonable monies out of its customers. We imagined it must be a simple mistake.

The bill stated "Your contract for your calling plan still has time left, so you'll find charges for this on this bill. For more information on contract commitments, visit www.bt.com/contract". The bill showed the small amount that BT owed us - £9.30. Along with the cancellation charges of £95.12, and a few extra charges for a call to a mobile. The reference to contract commitments is interesting - but sadly too little too late.


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