Beat BT at their own game.

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Complain to BT

We moved house on 25th July 2014, having told BT some ten days prior. At no point did they tell us that we were entering into a new contract by phone. Nor did they send us required durable contract details afterwards. We have been read stock answers, and lied to by various complaint handlers, who simply cannot answer questions in a straight fashion. As from June 2014, companies are supposed to comply with new legislation regarding new contracts - not tell you about relevant parts of it once it is too late.

If you've experienced problems with BT, where it feels like they are lying to you, or claiming to have sent you things that you are sure they have not, then join the club! Read on, and I will tell you what steps you can take to ensure that BT disclose all relevant data that they possess about you, and I will explain a little more about the new law that BT failed to adhere to in our case. I'll also share with you in great detail, our own complaint and communications to/from BT.

On the 8th of October 2014, the complaint was fully resolved, and I accepted a full refund of the cancellation charges paid. However, I still believe that this is useful information to share with others. So first, I need to explain the background to you in a bit more detail... Click here or select 'THE COMPLAINT' from the menu above to continue.


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